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East Coast Mushrooms

Mushroom Grow Kits

Mushroom Grow Kits

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Growing fresh mushrooms at home doesn't get any easier than with one of our kits.

Shipped out fully colonised by your chosen mycelium (we do the tricky part so you don't have to!) ready to open and start fruiting as soon as they arrive at your door. After opening they should start to fruit in 7 -10 days, each kit should produce at least two bunches of mushrooms if the conditions are right. 


Sky Blue Oysters: an easy grower, good for colder environments (8 -18°C)

Grey Dove Oysters: a European favourite, less cold tolerant than Sky Blues. (10 - 18°C)

White Elm Oyster: the classic wild oyster, Prefers slightly warmer conditions (16-22°C)

Comes with one bag of colonised mushroom substrate, sterile wipes, spray bottle and instructions. 

Care Instructions

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